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INTRODUCTION: 101 Guide on Hong Kong's Health Care for Expats

Throughout the next blogposts, we will be covering various aspects of Hong Kong’s vast healthcare system. Below is an outline of the topics we will be covering. Stay tuned for our latest updates by visiting this master list blog post.

Hong Kong is a bustling, diverse, and dense city with a variety of options within the healthcare system. We are here to help you uncover the many aspects of Hong Kong's vast healthcare system.

With a population of over 7 million, Hong Kong is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Just look at the average life expectancy: 84 years for women and 78 years for men. That is the second highest globally! Hong Kong’s medical care is top notch. It's a no-brainer as to why people are attracted to working and living in this metropolis.

As an expat who has recently moved, or is thinking of moving to Hong Kong, understanding the healthcare system is a crucial step to feeling confident and prepared. Below is a growing list of the topics that we will cover, to help you feel at home.

Stay tuned and check back for our latest Health Care updates on this page. (Bookmark this page, or subscribe to our email list)

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  • Health Care Services in Hong Kong

  • Dental care in Hong Kong

  • Optometry in Hong Kong

  • Pharmacies in Hong Kong

  • Hospitals & clinics in Hong Kong

  • Emergency Rooms in Hong Kong

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Seeing a Doctor in Hong Kong

  • Seeking Specialists

  • Referral Letters

  • Seeing a Gynecologist in Hong Kong

  • Rehabilitation & support (therapy…)

  • Other Health Concerns

  • Flu Outbreaks

  • Communicable Diseases

  • Maternity

  • ​Due to the variety of information we have on the topic, we have created a separate post to organize our content. Our master list on Maternity in Hong Kong will be linked here when ready.

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